5 Things You Didn't Know About Anklets

5 things you didn’t know about anklets

What do you know about anklets beyond the fact that it is often a beautiful piece of jewelry worn on the ankle? Anklets have been around for thousands of years and mean different things to different cultures and religions.

Back in Mesopotamia, anklets were worn to show off one’s wealth. In this case, the women who wore them used them to show off how rich their husbands were or not so rich in the case of the poor working-class women. In India, anklets were and are still worn as a part of a lavish accessory, especially on a woman's wedding day.

In some African cultures, Egypt for instance, anklets are worn to ward off evil spirits. With all these different meanings and uses for anklets, how did anklets make their way to America? Anklets became a thing in the United States during the post-war era of the 1950s and remained popular in the years that followed.

Even with the beauty of anklets and what they symbolize, many still frown on the use of anklets. All through the twentieth century and even now in the twenty-first, some people still frown at the use of anklets. An old wives’ tale passed on from years before which said that only sex workers wore anklets has colored its meaning. It would be a shame for the reputation of such an amazing piece of jewellery remains stained based on s non-fact.

Of the numerous facts surrounding anklets, it is a shame that the human mind chooses to focus on falsehood. But we are here to change the narrative by sharing five beautiful things you didn’t know about anklets.

  • Anklets contain healing power: as crazy as this might sound, it is based on truth. Before we get carried away and fixated on the words "healing" and "power," let's explain. Silver anklets are known to reduce the amount of stiffness or pain in the leg caused by sciatica. Sciatica is pain that generates from the lower back to the sciatic nerves in the legs. Silver anklets reduce the pain through the friction it causes as it rubs against the skin of the wearer and helps in blood circulation in the leg.
  • Single and searching: in some cultures, especially for Hindu women, the positioning of your anklets can be used to make a statement about your personal life. If you are looking to announce to the world that you are single and ready to mingle, you can wear your anklet on your right foot. In that same light, if you are a married woman looking to have an affair, then the anklet goes on your right foot as well.
  • Protection: we mentioned earlier how some cultures wore anklets as a form of protection and as a charm/talisman. Anklets were/are still worn on the left foot as a form of protection from the evil of this world. The belief many years ago was that sickness comes from the earth and enters the body, and anklets, being so close to the floor, can stop these diseases from taking hold of a body.
  • Different colors have a different meaning: For most, an anklet is just a fashion piece we wear when we want to spice our outfits. The thing is that what might count as simple fashion to us means so much more to anyone versed in the language of anklets. Anklets can come in varying styles and colors like this Old English Anklet with different meanings. White anklets, for instance, mean purification and innocence, yellow anklets carry word for fortune, and green anklets mean luck.
  • Fashion faux pas: Anklets are known as one of those accessories that can go with just about any outfit. There is hardly a way one can destroy the look of clothes with anklets unless you choose to wear them with pantyhose. The combination of pantyhose and anklets is one that many would frown at. One of the ideas behind anklets as a fashion statement is to accentuate your legs, but if you have pantyhose on, the point of the anklet is lost.

Are anklets still stylish?

The year 2020 saw anklets pop back up as a fashion statement which is quite a feat considering that most of the world was stuck inside. Even with the world on hold, anklets still made a statement amongst the masses and fashion shows. The buzz around anklets isn't dying down. 

The anklets created these days are more chic and modern than what was once available. Be it high fashion or casual wear: anklets add a special touch to the outfit.

Rihanna is one of the many celebrities that is rarely spotted without an anklet as a part of her accessories. Other celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and even Queen B. Beyoncé have been spotted wearing anklets. Rather than wait to see if the anklet trend will pass on, why not be like your favorite celebrities and rock an anklet today.

Anklets come in different styles and can be made from many different materials depending on your budget. The best part is that you can also have a personalized anklet with details specifically for you.

Custom name anklets can feature your initials, full name, or the name of someone you care for, plus they have a way of adding a stylish flair to an outfit and the person wearing it.

Some cultures have guidelines on which leg women should wear anklets on, but if your anklet serves a pure fashion purpose, you can wear the anklet on any foot you choose. 

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