Gifts That Say 'I Love You'

As at this moment, there are over 100 million songs about love, so, love is sort of a big deal.

The words 'I love you are more than sentimental words that evoke emotion, they are usually a way of you telling someone that you are here for them; now and always.

In this day and time; even with the numerous songs about love, actions still speak louder than words. And what better way is there to show you love someone than with gifts that say 'I love you.

The true way; at least in our opinion, to send words with gifts is by giving thoughtful gifts.

Thoughtful gifts transcend price tags. They could be luxury items or products under $10 so long as the gifts, are items that resonate with whoever you are gifting them to.

Thoughtful gifts often convey emotions without words. Which leaves us to wonder what type of gifts count as thoughtful gifts?

What are examples of thoughtful gifts?

Earlier, we mentioned how thoughtful gifts convey emotions to whoever the recipient of the gift is.

In this case, the feeling you want to share is that you love them. Thoughtful gifts can vary depending on who you are giving them to. It could be a sibling, a parent, a lover, or a friend. They can also vary based on the memory or emotion the gift passes along.

For this reason, there isn't a blueprint for thoughtful gifts. Even though there isn't a 'one size fits all' gift when it comes to saying 'I love you, there are guidelines you can follow which will pass the message on all the same.

  • Be intentional: if you honestly want a gift to capture the meaning behind your words, it has to be an intentional gift. The gift cannot be the first one passed in a store.

For example, if you are trying to tell your lover how you feel about them, the gift should feature something that matters to them. 

A good gift of that nature can be a customized birthstone necklace. Gifting your lover a birthstone necklace not only shows that you remember when they were born but that you care enough to know what their birthstone is.

  • Give them what they ask for: Many times, we end up overthinking when it comes to giving gifts to those we care about and end up getting the wrong items. 

If you want to give a gift that says 'I love you, give them what they want. People would always give you hints about what gift items they want. It might not always be an outright mention saying: Hey, this is what I want. It can come in subtler forms such as; the person taking interest in a particular item while at the mall or through an ad on television.

When you gift someone what they ask for, it passes across how you feel about them by showing the gift recipient that you have been listening to them all along. 

  • Tailor-made gifts: There is a reason why personalized jewelry keeps popping up in every store and on people. Personalized jewelry possibly takes the cake when it comes to thoughtful gifts. After all, what can be more thoughtful than jewelry that was custom-made for you?

If you want to show someone that you love them, personalized jewelry or specifically, a nameplate necklace can say that and more.

If you are choosing to go the personalized route conveying your emotions with gifts just got easier.

The beauty of personalized jewelry is that it can be tailor-made for the recipient. If done properly, the personalized jewelry can capture all the interests of the person you are gifting it to in a beautiful jewelry piece.

There are different variations of personalized jewelry for him/her that can say 'I love you, especially if you are getting the jewelry for that special person in your life.

The beauty of jewelry is that one can never go wrong with it. Jewelry just comes in so many different forms and styles. Some iconic personalized jewelry types that you can get for someone special include;

A multi-name infinity necklace is a good way to tell your partner you love them. It will speak volumes about how you feel when your partner receives a necklace with your name and theirs surrounded by the infinity symbol.  

In the 18th century, it carried water or medicine for travelers. Lockets have since evolved but still, hold things of importance. In gifting a heart locket, you are letting that person know that you are with them always and that they matter to you.

For the heart locket, you can insert a picture of yourself, or a picture of you and your partner, or even a picture of a location that means something to your partner. Heart locket necklaces beautifully convey emotion while remaining personal all through.

Some people become hesitant when it comes to gifting their partner a ring. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that a ring signifies commitment, but that same reason is why it is a perfect way to say ' I love you.

A ring shows your partner that you are serious and committed to them. While it might not be a wedding ring, it shows that you are thinking along those lines and want to spend forever with them.

The best part of engraved rings is that you can not only have your names on there but a sentimental message that says how you feel.

There is truly no 'homerun' gift when it comes to a gift that says 'I love you, especially when it comes to the uniqueness of people, but the gift ideas listed above are a way to convey the message or at least get the conversation going.

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