Is Dorado Fashion Legit?

If you are on the hunt for a reliable source for custom jewelry or apparel, it makes sense to do a little homework first. We all like to navigate the digital realm with a little bit of caution – especially when buying from a brand for the first time. With that in mind, we'd love to introduce ourselves, sharing a little bit about what Dorado Fashion is and what we stand for. So, read on to discover why we can confidently answer “yes!” to the question, “is Dorado Fashion legit?”

Our Brand Story

We formed Dorado Fashion over five years ago, with the aim of offering the best custom jewelry selection on the internet. While other sellers may choose to make compromises on quality and customer care, we've made it our mission to build our brand on a foundation of integrity – and build a brand we have! With only a handful of years under our belt so far, we are thrilled to say that Dorado Fashion has served over 1.3 million happy customers around the world.

So, what makes us different? We set out to create the high-caliber products that delight our family of customers, long after their initial purchases. That means choosing quality materials every time – so no flimsy goods, and never ever green skin for our trendsetting jewelry wearers! It also means delivering such a fantastic range of custom jewelry and bespoke apparel that everyone's tastes are catered to. We love how diverse, international, and inspiring our fan base are, and we're always exploring new ideas that might make our offering even more worthy of such a great audience.

Dorado Fashion Reviews

Another thing that we take pride in is the community that has generously joined us on our journey. We are always elated to see you – our customers – wearing and enjoying Dorado Fashion products, and sharing your experience. This might be on our vibrant Social Media pages, or in reviews following your purchases. Of course, on social media that vibrancy starts with you, because our customers are our models!

Speaking of Dorado Fashion reviews, we are honored to have received over 1000 five-star ratings on Google, and achieved “Excellent” status on Trust Pilot. The many satisfied reviewers that made this possible let us know that we are doing our job right – although that doesn't mean we're done yet. The drive to improve and innovate is always going to be core to what we do.

Personal and Lasting Gifts

Whether aiming to treat yourself or surprise a loved one, Dorado Fashion is a great destination to meet your online shopping needs. We offer 100+ customizable, affordable, and beautifully crafted items for you to choose from. Following your order, each piece will be created on your behalf, before being dispatched in a stylish storage case that will support the long-term care of your item.

At Dorado Fashion, we care about our customers and are always striving to enhance our service. With only five birthdays behind us, we're excited to say that while we might have accomplished a lot already, the best is yet to come! Our mission starts with you – so if you need help or support don't hesitate to contact us.

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