The Hype on Custom Jewelry: What is Dorado Fashion

Most will agree that when it comes to fashion, there are few things more iconic than customized name jewelry. This personal statement remains eternally timeless because it offers so much potential – for us to showcase who we are, shower someone special with affection, or highlight the meaningful connections that we share in our daily lives. Within the world of custom jewelry, only a small number of brands approach their niche with as much passion as Dorado Fashion.

Having established as one of the top online destinations for custom jewelry, the brand's international following is steadily growing. But, even with all of that in mind, what is Dorado Fashion, exactly, and is Dorado Fashion legit? Fundamentally, what is that je ne sais quoi that carries this company over and above their competition? Here, we will dive into just that – exploring the brand's ethos, the quality of their products, Dorado Fashion reviews, and much more!

But First, What Is Custom Jewelry?

Before we jump into the details on Dorado Fashion, you might be wondering what custom jewelry is in the first place – and of course, what makes it so popular! Within today's world of mass production, the art of custom jewelry making remains an artisanal practice with a long and multicultural history. Each jewelry piece is bespoke, created to the customer's exact specifications, usually featuring a representation of the buyer's name or that of their most treasured nearest and dearest.

Thanks to modern metalworking techniques – and of course a skilled touch – a dizzying array of different lettering styles can be achieved. Dorado Fashion provides what feels like a countless number of custom jewelry looks, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, and dazzlingly iced accessories. They also offer a range of finishes, accommodating those who prefer a clean silver aesthetic, the decadence of gold, or perhaps even a refined rosegold for a hint of romance.

A Spotlight On Quality

Seeking out quality is always a core concern for jewelry buyers. Those of us who adore our adornments have probably each experienced buying an eye-catching piece only to discover that it tarnishes quickly, is flimsily constructed, or worse yet dyes our skin green! While many custom jewelry manufacturers sadly fall into these kinds of poor production habits, Dorado Fashion made a point of being different, and set out to do things right. All of their pieces are created in high caliber stainless steel – a material as tough and durable as it is lastingly attractive.

From there, those who desire it can opt for a generously applied 18k gold or rose gold plating. Alternatively, others feeling that bit more flush – or seeking a truly meaningful gift for a loved one – will be pleased to hear that the brand also masterfully manifests their pieces in solid 14k yellow gold. The custom nameplates themselves are thicker than the average, ensuring that each jewelry piece will never bend or break. In the case of necklaces, bracelets, and anklets, each is complemented with quality chain that has been selected with regular wear in mind. Given this attention to detail, pricing is highly competitive, and discounts and promotions can be discovered as an ever-welcoming presence on the website.

Connection, Care, and Community

One of the other things that makes Dorado Fashion really stand out is the way that they turn to their customers for assistance in driving their brand. Beyond their impressive emphasis on customer care, they are also building a dynamic social media community. In fact, Dorado Fashion refers to their customer base as their models! The company is now running a thriving ambassador program, providing fans of the brand the chance to get more involved in a far more collaborative format than simply leaving Dorado Fashion reviews.

Alongside helping customers to navigate the buying process, the company also invests in helping jewelry owners care for their unique and precious pieces. Sharing tips on their support site and social media feeds, they highlight care practices that will ensure longevity, such as avoiding contact with corrosive household chemicals or chlorine. They also advise customers on how to store their bespoke jewelry – which is not difficult to do, because each item comes with its own stylish storage case! Dorado Fashion's elegant jewelry boxes double as a sleek display case, so those beloved accessories can be appreciated even when they're not being worn.

What About Dorado Fashion Reviews?

When it comes to assessing brands today, savvy shoppers know that the proof truly is in the pudding. Dorado Fashion boasts more than 1.3 million sales over the five years that they've been in business – but, do their reviews paint as glamorous a picture as their jewelry? Impressively, the US-based company has amassed over 1000 top-level reviews on Google and a high overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. There is also many-a-mention of repeat custom, which speaks to the brand's focus on integrity.

Over on Trustpilot, with an overall rating score of Excellent, and more than 500 five-star reviews, Dorado Fashion is also proving its mettle. What's more, Trust Pilot shares that Dorado Fashion actively invites buyers to engage in the review process, saying: “Companies who regularly ask their customers to review them tend to have a more representative star rating.” It is also great to see that the team jumps on and responds to feedback, helping to resolve queries and giving thanks.

A Custom Jewelry Brand To Watch

Custom Jewelry pieces – not to mention the exclusive selection of custom apparel that Dorado Fashion also offers – serve as fantastic gifts, suitable for any occasion. Bespoke name necklaces or bracelets make memorable present options for teens, partners, or kindred besties. Undoubtedly, a striking ring or other wearable piece provides a wonderful way of celebrating ourselves too! Dorado Fashion has certainly established itself as a trendsetting brand for custom jewelry and accessories, honorably taking the spotlight thanks to the unbeatable quality and affordable pricing that its growing fan base enjoys.

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