The truth about the ‘Carrie’ Necklaces

When it comes to fashion, the simplistic styles stand the test of time. A general but often overlooked rule of fashion, especially when dealing with accessories, is that less goes a longer way than more. Understated jewelry pieces can go a long way in completing an outfit and making classic fashion statements. 

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that nameplate necklaces are being seen more and more in use. These nameplate necklaces have become known as the 'Carrie' necklace. The necklaces made an appearance in the film classic 'Sex and the City (SATC) on Carrie Bradshaw's neck. 

The History of Nameplate necklaces

The appearance of these nameplate necklaces in 'SATC' might have brought the idea of these necklaces to the forefront, but it cannot be credited as its origin. The origin story of nameplate necklaces cannot be traced back to a specific culture but it does date back years.
Nameplate necklaces have been existing long before the producers of SATC decided they should be included in the scene. The custom adornments on necklaces have long been viewed as a coming of age gift in the Italian, Middle Eastern, African American, Latin American, and Dominican cultures. This jewelry stood as an identifier amongst people from different cultures and also united the people as one. Efforts to pinpoint the origin of nameplate necklaces by jewelry enthusiasts and historians proved impossible, as many speculate that the failure to classify such a popular piece of jewelry as 'fine jewelry' in those years is due to it being worn in low-income communities of people of color.
While its origin cannot be pinpointed, there is no doubt that it has significant meaning to all those who have worn it and wear it now.

The trend factor

For statement jewelry such as this to keep on popping its head every few years, it shows that its beauty has found a place in the hearts of many. In the 1990s, the nameplate jewelry became a part of the hip-hop culture with many celebrities of that period rocking it in their music videos. The boost from celebrities made that nameplate jewelry became more popular with African Americans, Latin Americans, and practically anyone who resonated with the hip-hop culture.
In the 2000s, when SATC had Carrie put on a necklace, it became a mainstream fashion item. The nameplate jewelry trend is one that never really goes away; it is a cyclical fashion piece. But why is it truly popular? Why is the nameplate necklace so trendy?

Personalization culture: nameplate necklaces, to many individuals, stand as a way to make a statement without really making a statement. It is a means of wearing something that everyone has but is still so distinct and personal. Although customized nameplates come in different grades and styles, the idea is the same; everyone wears a necklace with their name on it, but that often is where the similarity ends. The price of these nameplate necklaces can be as low as $5 to as high as gold and diamonds will allow. The different fonts that can be used on nameplate necklaces also add to the personalization culture. It is a way to stay chic and stylish in a room where everyone has what you have. For many in the black and Latin community, these nameplate necklaces stood as a form of assertion for names that were/are often looked down on in society. Nameplate necklaces are trendy because it is a way many people state their truth and self-actualization.

The quality

Nameplate necklaces are often gold encased letters on an equally gold chain, but that does not mean that these necklaces are always that way. Necklaces, in general, can be handmade, made with glass beads, silver, stones, gold, copper, yarn, and practically any base metal that can be worn on the skin. While these materials were used for necklaces, it isn't limited.
As mentioned earlier, nameplate necklaces started in low-income communities. The type of nameplate necklaces found there range from corrosive metal, cubic zirconia on silver necklaces, and ultimately pure gold necklaces were given to daughters as they came of age.
These necklaces varied in price, celebrities like; Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and the Kardashians have shown just how varying nameplate necklaces can be. Most celebrities often accentuate their nameplate necklaces with diamonds, luxury stones, or high-quality gold.
These necklaces are often associated with names, but they can also hold initials, pet names, or anything that has a meaning to the wearer. You can also find variations of the nameplate necklace in the font it has. Some necklaces come with a heart design, and some of them come in an Old English font, Japanese, and even Arabic fonts. Another variation can be found in the design style of the necklaces.
While many opt for the standard name in the middle type of necklace, the name can also be engraved on a bar or placed vertically.

The custom effect of nameplate necklaces often seals the deal for why many opt for it. These necklaces, when purchased from stores often feature well-known names, so many can browse through site collections and check for their name.
The beauty of nameplate necklaces is that even though those without a popular name can still have their name on a nameplate necklace. The customization of nameplate necklaces is why people are drawn to them. For many people, the uniqueness of their names means it can't be found on a coke bottle or even a key ring, but nameplate necklaces allow wearers to have something that is uniquely theirs in all its glory.

Most people love nameplate necklaces for that reason alone, and it is also why they would make perfect gifts. Customized nameplate necklaces as a gift can carry a secret message that you and the wearer share. The nameplate necklace can feature;

  • Details of an event you both hold dear
  • A nickname
  • An insignia that brings a memory to mind
  • Thoughts that you lack words for

Custom nameplate necklaces can be perfect gifts for family members, loved ones, and even close friends.

Dorado Fashion

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When it comes to maintaining your Dorado Fashion nameplate necklace, all you need to do is;

  • Clean off all oil and fingerprint stains at the end of the day with a cloth
  • Avoid wearing your necklace in the pool or while exercising to avoid exposing it to chlorine/ sweat
  • Avoid using toxins such as hairspray and makeup products because these can discolor the nameplate jewelry.

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