What is Dorado Fashion?

Dorado Fashion is one of the top online destinations for custom jewelry and fashion, visited by customers from all around the globe. Since our inception only five short years ago, we are proud to have served over 1,300,000 happy customers. All the while, we've steadily expanded our catalog – which now offers 100+ items ranging from ever-iconic name necklaces and engraved bracelets, through to customizable iced out jewelry, and our exclusive and bespoke apparel capsule collection.

The founding concept behind Dorado Fashion was to rise above the rest through the quality, craftsmanship, and customer care that we deliver. While we might have sowed that seed of an idea, we couldn't have grown to become the brand we are today without our incredible customer base. What is Dorado Fashion? It's all of us together – because within the world of custom jewelry and apparel, the magic only really happens when we collaborate!

Caring About Quality

Why choose Dorado Fashion instead of other name necklace shops? The simple answer is quality. Our goal is to deliver the best-made jewelry on the internet at an affordable price. We never skimp on the standard of materials we use, or take shortcuts in our creation processes. This dedication means that our Name Necklaces are not only bigger, thicker, and better value, but also that they are made to be enjoyed – with longevity in mind. Other websites may disappoint with paper-thin products that break or discolor for twice the price. However, here at Dorado Fashion you will only find products that result from a process infused with care at every step of the way.

Whether buying gifts for friends and family, or simply treating yourself, your order with Dorado Fashion means the manifestation of something unique. We don't churn out our custom items. Instead, we take the time to make sure that each piece is as perfect as the last. This does mean that you might have to wait a little longer for your bespoke item than you would elsewhere, but we promise you, your patience will be rewarded!

A Human Touch

Even though we're a brand that you only visit virtually, Dorado Fashion is all about people. Just as many of the items we sell feature the name of a person out there in the world, the individual experiences of our customers are central to everything we do. Fans return to Dorado Fashion to buy coming of age presents, or to express their love – for a special someone, or simply for themselves! The part that we play in each of these exchanges is what drives us to keep improving and innovating. With more than 1000 five-star reviews on Google and counting, we're more motivated than ever.

Express yourself, commemorate a date, or make that next gift purchase all the more memorable with Dorado Fashion. We offer custom nameplates and engravings in just about any language, across a wide array of jewelry styles. Need inspiration? Visit us on Instagram to join the Dorado Fashion scene and see how others are rocking their custom jewelry and apparel.

We love getting feedback on our items or, better yet, seeing you wearing them! You can also get involved in super-charging our community, by becoming a brand ambassador.

We are always here to answer your queries, so don't hesitate to connect with our support team if you have any questions.

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